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Essay on The Trials of Othello - 934 Words

The Trials of Othello nbsp; nbsp; In Shakespeares Othello there are three main trials that build the plot of the play. In each of these trials, Iago though not always the judge tries to be the puppet master. He does this by focusing on each characters fatal flaw. nbsp; nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; In the play the three main trails go as follows. First there is Othellos trial were he is being judged by the Duke and Brabantio regarding what happened with himself and Desdemona. The second and main trial is that of Othello judging Cassio, though it is not much of a trial per say because Othello is merely listening to what Iago has to say and does not even confront Cassio. The third and most dramatic trial is when at the†¦show more content†¦It is thing like this that throughout the play make Iago more and more believable to the characters around him. nbsp; nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; The next trial gets a little bit more complicated. It starts off with a long dialogue between Iago and Othello, which begins after they see Casio briskly leaving Desdemonas side as they enter into view.nbsp; At first Othello thinks nothing of this, but this is when Iagos master plan begins. First Iago realizes that Othello will always act on impulse with whatever information he has.nbsp; This is one reason why Iago stretches out his opinion of whats going on over an entire conversation. Had he just come out and say it Othello probably would not have believed him. Even if he did this would most likely end up in Othello rushing to confront either Desdemona or Casio thus killing Iagos opportunity to elaborate on the subject in a way that Othello would have to believe him. In this scene Iago repeats a lot of words that Othello says in regard to Casio that alone would be meaning less but he says them in a very suggestive tone implying that there was something m ore to everything he said about Casio. At the time this is very effective and Iago does make Othello a little more than just suspicious. Though as time passes Iago can find no evidence to back up his case and Othello begins to stop believingShow MoreRelatedDifferences Between Film And Othello1503 Words   |  7 PagesThroughout the years the play Othello by William Shakespeare has been adapted both on the screen and on stage many times. The questions or race and racism that have quite often been a point of discussion with William Shakespeare’s play Othello can be seen through the bard, however some may argue that Othello’s skin colour was purely a plot device. This paper will look at two film that have been re-made since the 1960’s, which provides an analysis of the concept of race and how political ideas andRead MoreThemes of Blame and Justice in Othello Essay979 Words   |  4 PagesThe Play Othello first performed in 1604 written by Shakespeare was a pla y that portrayed the problems faced in society regarding blame and justice. He showed this by using the setting of Venice where almost everyone was rich, living in houses based in the most powerful part of Italy. Shakespeare used race which tied into the setting as the main character, a black man living in a white society. He used gender to portray labels and to show how different sexes were treated. Shakespeare is showing usRead MoreThe Mystical Weapon Of A Hero1102 Words   |  5 Pagesserves to continue the plot of the story by jumpstarting many parts along the hero’s journey, many times it is the cause of the hero’s unusual birth. The mystical weapon is what enables a hero to overcome the insurmountable odds and accomplish their trials. A mystical weapon, is not just a tool that the hero harnesses, but their very identity. The mystical weapon is the very thing that makes the hero a hero. The mystical weapon is an extension of the Hero’s self. It is their d efining characteristicRead MoreBradley vs Leavis, Notes on Othello766 Words   |  4 PagesOthello The Bradley view ( Coleridge) †¢ Othello’s description of himself as, â€Å"one not easily jealous, but, being wrought, / Perplexed in extreme,† is perfectly just. His tragedy lies in this – that his whole nature was indisposed to jealousy, and yet was such that he was unusually open to deception, and, if once wrought to passion, likely to act with little reflection, with no delay, and in the most decisive manner conceivable. †¢ But up to this point, where Iago is dismissed (III,iii,238)Read MoreEssay on Characters in Othello: Colors and Shapes687 Words   |  3 PagesThe color and shape I chose for Othello are silver and the indifferent shape. I thought about it for a while and this indifferent shape fits othello perfectly for many reasons. Like Othello this is the outsider of the group since it has no real shape. The shape’s physical appearance is different from the rest, just like Othello is since he’s a moor and has a different skin tone. Towards the end of the third act Othello starts to lose his stern confidence front and his real insecurities come out.Read More Othello, The Moor of Venice Essay examples1319 Words   |  6 PagesOthello, the Moor of Venice is one of the major tragedies written by William Shakespeare that follows the main character, Othello through his trials and tribulations. Othello, the Moor of Venice is similar to William Shakespeare’s other tragedies and follows a set of specific rules of drama. The requirements include, following the definition of a tragedy, definition of tragic hero, containing a reversal of fortune, and a descent from happiness. William Shakespeare fulfills Aristotle’s requirementsRead MoreThe North By Tayeb Salih1477 Words   |  6 Pageshimself to Othello a few times in the novel. While he was on trial for murder Mustafa said â€Å"I am Othello† (Salih, 33)because he felt that they had some shared characteristic, for instance they were both Arabian African men who were living as outsiders in a white world, and like Othello Mustafa also killed his lover, Jean Morris. However the biggest commonality he shared with the character of Othello was that their insecurity of living in a white world led to tragedy. Later during the trial Mustafa changesRead MoreOthello : An Aristotelian Tragedy And Tragic Hero1604 Words   |  7 PagesOthello, an Aristotelian Tragedy and Tragic Hero When reading a story, specifically a tragedy, what stands out? Tragedy often enables its audience to reflect on personal values that might be in conflict with civil ideas, on the claims of minorities that it neglected or excluded from public life, on its on irrational prejudices toward the foreign of the unknown (Kennedy Gioia, 2103, p. 857). Readers feel sympathy for the characters, especially the tragic hero. Othello, the Moor of Venice isRead MoreThe Character Desdemona and the Role of Women Depicted in Shakespeares Othello822 Words   |  4 PagesThe society in which Othello takes place is a patriarchal one, where men had complete control over women. They were seen as possessions rather than being just as equally human and capable of duties performed by men. All women of the Elizabethan were to obey all men, fathers, brothers, husbands, etc. Which leads me to the most reliable and trustworthy character of Desdemona, whom goes through many trials just to satisfy her love. S hakespeare brings the thought of Desdemona into the play by BarbantioRead MoreAnalyzing Humanity in Othello: The Reason Why it is Still Worth Studying1675 Words   |  7 PagesHumanity in Othello: The Reason It is Still Worth Studying Dr. David Allen White of the US Naval Academy asserts that we are all Iago now (White 2000). The claim may seem outlandish at first. Modern man representative of Shakespeares greatest arch-villain? How could one even suggest such a thing? Whites argument is followed by a series of points, each of which is aimed to help his audience realize that the character they most readily identify with is not Othello (the tragic hero of the drama)

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Transcendentalism The Antidote to Brainwashed Youth Essay

When I was first exposed to the concept of Transcendentalism in my English class, the idea seemed farfetched and rather abstract. Upon further readings and research, I discovered that the concepts, although they originally seemed esoteric, where works of true brilliance. Society has made it hard for individuals to exist when things like popular culture seemingly brainwash youth into doing whatever is considered â€Å"cool†. Transcendentalism is a powerful concept which should be acknowledged by my generation, for the points encompassed in Transcendentalism are more vital today than ever. Transcendentalism is the philosophy of striving to live a life of independence, simplicity, and oneness with nature. Ralph Waldo Emerson was the†¦show more content†¦Truth, if it agreed with an individuals instinct of truth, must be indeed truth. Another leading Transcendentalist, Henry David Thoreau, takes this idea of doing what is right to one’s conscience to a new level in his essay â€Å"Civil Disobedience†. In the piece, Thoreau asserts that the â€Å"true place for a just man [in an unjust society] is in jail†. He also puts into writing what would be practiced over 200 years later by exposing the public to the suggestion of civil disobedience through nonviolent protests. In the past 50 years, examples of this have appeared on several occasions: civil right’s movement, women’s rights movement, Vietnam protests, and even usage by the great Mohandas Gandhi in the Indian independence movement. All of these movements met success. Thoreau also wrote â€Å"Walden†, a collection of entries from a span of two years in which he lived in a cabin next to Walden Pond in Massachusetts. In this masterfully collaborated piece, Thoreau seeks to explain two, among many other, particularly core Transcendentalist values: nature and simplicity. Although Genesis 1:26 tells us that man was to â€Å"rule over† the animals that we live among, Transcendentalism seeks to live alongside what were given to us to be our â€Å"subjects†. There is also the alternate definition of nature, which relates to an inherent sense of righteousness or wrongness. This relates back to one’s conscience being of more

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Value Chain Analysis And Analysis - 1589 Words

Introduction This report aims to discuss and explore the value chain analysis and the internal analysis in the strategic management. The focus of this report is to study the value chain analysis in detail along with the advantages and disadvantage of the value chain analysis. Also, the internal analysis is also discussed along with its pros and cons and the SWOT analysis of Next Plc. This report also discusses the way in which organizational resources are mixed to develop company’s abilities, Value Chain Analysis Keane (2008) stated to design, manufacture, promote, offer and facilitate its product or services, all organization engages in some activities. All of these activities of an organization are shown through the use of value chain process. The manner in which organization performs its varying activities along with the firm’s value chain mirrors the organization’s background, strategy along with the way in which the organization executes its strategy. Ponte (2008) stated that the analysis of value chain of an organization is used to develop the organization’s competitive strategies along with formulation the connected and interconnectedness between all the organizational activities that formulate value. Francis, Simons, and Bourlakis (2008) stated that value chain analysis is a helpful tool as an organization looks to attain competitive advantage. Furthermore, Rieple and Singh (2010) stated that a value chain is a useful tool in conceptualizing the varying activities Show MoreRelatedValue Chain Analysis And Analysis Essay1711 Words   |  7 PagesValue Chain Analysis Another point of view is to take a look at the value chain analysis which helps to identify the most valuable activities of a firm. Wheelen, Hunger, Hoffman, Bamford (2014). In the case of Electrolux, it would appear that they provide considerable value to the appliance market however; the struggle (as previously mentioned) has been breaking into emerging markets in this case, China. With considerable middle class growth in China, the standard of living is rising exponentially;Read MoreValue Chain Analysis1651 Words   |  7 Pagesorganization should adopt the various application of information technology. This will put the organization at the forefront in terms of innovation as well as give the organization a competitive advantage (Hitt amp; Robert, 2011, p.10). Value chain analysis is a model that was developed by Michael Porter to help an organization develop a strategy for its organization. Michael porter suggested that organization activities can be grouped into two major categories which include the following; primaryRead MoreImportance of Value Chains and Value Chain Analysis602 Words   |  2 Pagesrelationship between processes and value chains. The value chain, as Porter identified, incorporates the following drivers of revenue and profit in an organization: inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, and service. Processes which are how you do things are used through the value chain. By definition, processes are used every time you do something, so this is all quite self-evident. In order to extract value from the value chain, a company should outperform its competitorsRead MoreCompany Analysis : Value Chain Analysis Essay1291 Words   |  6 PagesValue chain represents the internal activities a firm engages in when transforming inputs into outputs. Value chain analysis is a process where a firm identifies its primary and support activities that add value to its final product and then analyze these activities to reduce costs or increase differentiation. Value chain analysis is also a strategy tool used to analyze internal firm activities. Its goal is to recognize, which activities are the most valuable (i.e. are the source of cost or differentiationRead MoreValue Chain Analysis763 Words   |  4 Pagesadvantage by establishing an efficient value chain. The ultimate goal of a value chain is to sustain competitive advantage by optimizing customer value, achieving performance objectives, and delighting customers. (Presutti Mawhinney, 2013) The value chain outlines the activities and processes work together to create products and services. The Enterprise application software (ERP) automates these activities and processes to improve the efficiency of the value chain. At some point it may become necessaryRead MoreAnalysis Of Outsourcing Value Chain1514 Words   |  7 PagesWhen it comes to the value chain at my internship, like many other aspects of the company, they are horribly behind. Strategically, for the venture capitalist c ompany themselves, there is no defined value chain to speak of and for their ventures, it is segmented, outsourced and generally inadequate. When it comes to the primary processes, my company and their ventures do very little Research, and Development. For their drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, the extent of their research is outsourcingRead MoreAn analysis of porters value chain1188 Words   |  5 Pagesfirms can gain a competitive advantage, it is useful to model the firm as a chain of value creating activities. For this purpose, Porter identified a range of interrelated generic activities common to a wide range of firms. The resulting model is known as the value chain. According to Porter (1985), Competitive Advantage arises out of the way firms organise and arrange discrete activities. Through using the Value Chain, the activities performed by a firm competing in a particular industry canRead MoreAmazons Value Chain Analysis1620 Words   |  7 PagesValue Chain Analysis In the 1990s, Amazon (Amazon.com) introduced a new business model for entrepreneurs choosing to use the Web as its place of business rather than the traditional brick and mortar companies. Amazon’s e-business and e-commerce business models generated significant revenue for the company and resulted in creating an effective and sustainable competitive advantage for the online retailer. â€Å"Amazon was one of the early movers to recognize the opportunity in both e-commerce and cloudRead MoreValue Chain And Swot Analysis1088 Words   |  5 PagesVALUE CHAIN AND VRIO ANALYSIS Value chain analysis The value chain analysis determines all the elements of value chain significantly add or subtract value for Brinker International, Inc. (EAT). The competitor is Darden Restaurant, Inc. (DRI) in this value chain analysis. The time frame is March, 2016 and the preceding three to five year strategic horizon. The data resources used from 10-K 2015 of EAT and DRI. The two elements of the value chain most significantly add or subtract value for EAT areRead MoreSwot Analysis : Value Chain1514 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Value chain analysis has proven to be a useful tool for knowing how an organization can create the greatest value for its customers. Michael Porter (1985) in his book competitive advantage states that â€Å"understanding how a business creates value are essential elements for developing a competitive advantage.† [1]. According to porter (1985) value chain is â€Å"the process view of an organization, the idea of seeing an organization as a system, made up of subsystems each with inputs, transformation

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The Nazi Party Essay Example For Students

The Nazi Party Essay HistoryHow, by 1932, had the Nazi Party become the largest Party in the Reichstag?Hitlers Nazi party came to power almost entirely because of accidents. In1929 the American Stock Market crashed, a powerful symbol of the growingdepression. Germany was particularly badly affected, since Germanyseconomy was partly dependent on Americas prosperity and a large number ofloans made by America to Germany were called back and the German economycrashed.Since the German government suffered badly in the depression theexisting Weimar government, put in place by the victorious allies, wasblamed. Without the depression the government was not particularly likedsince it was indecisive and it had not central power. Hitler used histwenty-five points from the beginning of the Nazi party. These were a setof promises appealing to everybody, they included elements of socialism andtold people what they wanted to hear. They promised to stop reparations tothe victors of the First World War, end unemployment, give a strongleadership and they attacked immigrants and particularly Jews. Thetwenty-five points were attractive to those most vulnerable to thedepression, especially ex-soldiers, the unemployed and the middle classes. In the time of crisis the German people had swung to an extreme group,and the Nazis were an easy way out, more appealing than the Communists tothe industrialists, and they were also attractive since they apparentlypromoted the old and respected German militaristic values. In the hardtimes they were effective since the democratic parties could not solve anyof the problems facing Germany. In the 1930 elections the Nazis greatlyincreased the number of seats that they held in parliament, by 1932 theyhad nearly 200 seats, although they did not have a majority they were thelargest single party.

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Lorenzos Oil Essays - Methylphenidate, RTT, , Term Papers

Lorenzos Oil Larry Hood Project IV STEPS 2 & 3 Article 1 1. What is property P? Increase in brain activity 2. What is the sample? The 16 boys 3. What is the population? All children 4. What is the implicit question? Why is there a difference in brain function between normal kids and kids with ADHD. 5. What is not the implicit question? Do all children have a property p? 6. What type of argument? Sampling 7. what did they look at? They looked at 16 children who were diagnosed with ADHD six were not. 8. IQ: Is there a difference in brain function between normal kids and kids with ADHD? 9. NOT: Do all children have a difference in brain function? Schematization S1 6% of school children suffer from ADHD and require medication. S2 They looked at 16 children between 8 and 13 who were diagnosed with ADHD six were not.. S3 Ritalin is the drug used to treat children with hyperactive and aggressive behavior. S4/C1 ADHD children react differently than normal kids when given Ritalin S5 Children with ADHD exhibit problems like poor listening and poor impulse control.. S6 Healthy children have a decrease in brain activity when given Ritalin. C2 Ritalin has no positive effect on behavior in healthy children Article 2 1. What type of argument? Correlation 2. What is A ? GIK treatment (glucose insulin and potassium) 3. What is B? Reduction in heart attack deaths. 4. Causal Mechanism? Clogged arteries 5. What is the implicit question? Why does oxygen nourishment (GIK)to the heart reduce heart attack deaths? 6. NOT- What caused a reduction I Heart attacks? 7. Which rival explains why a and b occur together? Forward cause Rival - Those that received treatment did not have clogged arteries. The argument in the article is a correlation argument. There is a correlation between A the GIK treatment and B the reduction in heart attack deaths. The arguer believes there is a correlation because of a prior study. This study was originally conducted in 1960. And had showed and overall reduction in heart attack death rate by half. This study was discarded however because of poorly conducted clinical tests. These tests led many doctors to doubt that it worked. The study conducted called GIK for glucose, insulin and potassium nourishes t65he heart muscle that are deprived of oxygen immediately following a heart attack. The causal mechanism are clogged arteries that reduce the flow of oxygen to the heart. The researches need to continue the study of the treatment along with the treatment for clogged arteries to consider this a strong argument. Many of the findings are undermined by the fact that many of the patients that survived were receiving clot busting drugs combined with the G IK treatment. This is relevant data to support the conclusion. S1 Patients who received the GIK treatment combined with clot busting drugs have a better chance of surviving a heart attack. S2 The treatment provides energy to the heart muscle during and immediately after a heart attack. C1 If doctors use the GIK treatment combined with clot busting drugs the heart attack death rate will decrease. Article 3 1. What is A? the CHD1 gene 2. What is B? Causes heart disease. 3. What is causal mechanism? Bad diet and lack of exercise 4. Is the Author saying one thing cause another? Yes 5. What is the implicit question? Why does the gene appear to promot heart disease? 6. NOT - What caused the heart disease. 7. This could be common cause because there are environmental factors that could be the cause of A and B. Rival - The gene caused the body to over produce cholesterol which collects in the arteries and cause blockage of blood flow to the heart. The argument for the article is a correlation argument. There is a correlation between A the CHD1 gene and B heart disease. The arguer believes there is a correlation because of the study of the 75 families who had a history of early heart disease. The causal mechanism is Bad diet and lack of exercise. Relevant data to support the conclusion would be causes of arterial blockage and how many of the children had high levels of cholesterol. If the children had high levels of cholesterol in their blood this would be relevant data to support the conclusion. I believe this is a weak argument. S1 10% of the families in the study were

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To what extent does the ending ensure a sense of closure to the film Essays

To what extent does the ending ensure a sense of closure to the film Essays To what extent does the ending ensure a sense of closure to the film Essay To what extent does the ending ensure a sense of closure to the film Essay Director Paul Haggis successful debut Crash (2005) tells the individual stories of a seemingly unrelated group of individuals in the story space of two days; it immediately begins with the result of a car crash, but the story stems from the shift back in time to the day before the incident. By doing this Crash skilfully and deliberately reaches beyond the conventions of narrative film, as it does not begin with a balanced equilibrium; it is this and numerous stylistic effects that makes for an increased sense of closure as each interweaving story is summed up individually yet also in the wider context of the film and the issues it presents.In this short period of time in fast paced Los Angeles and through the chance encounters of the characters- for example, when a racist police officer is forced to save the life of a white woman whom he had previously black mailed and violated out of racial discrimination- the films underlying morals and themes come to the fore. As the film takes th e audience slightly back in time, we engage with the almost parallel lives of the characters and their problems encountered out of bigotry and fear, and it is as these interweaving stories become connected that the pace of the film slows down and closure hinted at.Through plot- which is defined by Bordwell and Thompson as all the events that are directly presented to the viewer in a narrative film1- for example in its parallelisms and through stylistic effects, particularly in the closing five minutes which I will focus on, Crash successfully brings its narrative to a subdued close and reveals the underlying key themes. The ending is satisfying to the viewer in that individual stories are resolved- not necessarily within themselves but in the wider context of the film- thus ending with an emphatic moral note as opposed to a stable situation and happy ending.This closing five minute sequence offers insight into the lives of the characters once they have crashed into each other one wa y or another, as the camera watches over them individually at a distance. Through style- notably non-diegetic sound which plays throughout the whole sequence and ties together the various lives of the characters- the audience is presented movingly with each of the characters reflections in hindsight to their actions and their experiences. The audience is thus encouraged to identify with characters and understand the story and its underlying messages.The sequence begins with the story of Jean Cabot (Sandra Bullock): the audience sees her embracing her house-keeper as she says: do you know what? Youre the best friend Ive got. This marks her poignant revelation of her unfulfilled and unhappy life, which had been for so long masked by lavish lifestyle and her career-obsessed husband. Complete focus is on her character as a close up of her face in the centre of the frame begins the sequence; as the slow non-diegetic sound slowly builds up, the camera slowly tracks into her face, allowing for extreme close up. The combination of the reflecting music, the slow tracking of the camera and the intimate close up of her face gently reinforces her emotion and signifies, almost dramatically the turning-point in her life. As the close up focuses on her sad emotional state, the touching music (In the deep, by Kathleen York)- which happens to eventually cosmically relate all the intertwining stories- begins on the line thought you had all the answers. This serves again to emphasise her disillusionment with life, resulting in this emotive realisation, thus in many ways closure to her character. Mise-en-scene here is working as part of the plot as it signifies and mostly heightens the significant realization of this named character.After a relatively long take, the camera jump cuts to the story of another character and an establishing shot of Officer Tom Hansen (Ryan Phillipe) burning the car -where out of subconscious racial discrimination he fatally shot an innocent teenager ( Larenz Tate). We see him at a distance angrily throwing rubble onto the fire out of grief; the distance the camera allows for emphasises his helpless state at a significant time in the story, conveying the underlying consequences of his racial prejudice. Again by using an establishing shot here the audience now has a sense of time and space, as they have already been introduced to this storyline through plot.The jump shot might usually serve to create a disjointed or abrupt change in plot, yet through continuation of the same slow non-diegetic sound- which completely takes over synchronous sound- it almost seems to act as reflection, to sum up the story line rather than to expand on it. A balanced, almost symmetrical frame follows as the camera cuts to a medium close up of Officer Tom Hansen now in the middle of it. As the camera remains static however he walks slowly forward and to the right of the frame; this allows the balance to be disrupted, thus subtly emphasises his vulnerabi lity in the frame.2 This relates to his weakness in the story, as his position in the frame becomes vulnerable at a time in the story when his previous position of power and success has been substituted for a position of regret, reflection and shame. By showing his character in this way, the tone of the scene is extremely toned-down and as the story allows for the characters reflection, so the mood and mise-en-scene allows for audience reflection of racial prejudice.As the Officer walks forward in a few more frames of the shot, it is also noteworthy to point out the objective camera angle. By employing this camera angle the audience happens to look in as opposed to involving themselves in the action. This distances the audience somewhat and forces them to empathise with this character.Lighting works together to connote sadness; the predominant darkness and orange filter used suggests that all the light comes from the background fire, thus selectively lighting parts of the characters face and not much else. This slightly dappled light falling onto the characters face remains even throughout this shot and so slight changes in his harrowing expression of emotion are easily registered by the viewer; this again serves to emphasize his emotional state over actions or setting. And so the almost sombre tone of the scene is intensified. Through subdued lighting his emotional state is heightened to the audience who can now build an identification with him in his sadness. The plot merely shows the Officer walking away from the scene of the crime, yet through non-diegetic sound- connoting sadness and a poignant atmosphere- , through intimate close ups of his face and also through shallow depth of field created- by selectively focusing entirely on his face- the plot infers successfully his feeling of remorse and realisation.As the non-diegetic music and the calm paced shot length continues into the next sequence- as it were into other final accounts of the characters stori es- the audience is able to relate the characters, thus identify feeling of sadness and a sense of closure in all the accounts. After several shots of these various characters in their states of reflection in the closing five minutes of the plot the music begins to slow to a close; as it does this the audience sees Anthony (Ludacris) letting the Chinese immigrants go, after previously agreeing to sell them. This part in the plot signifies his revelation in looking beyond money for the greater cause. Yet, it is at this exact point of the music ending that we hear him say to one of the immigrants: dopey fucking Chinaman. Here- mainly through the combining of sound and plot- the films message and story is presented effectively; that moving at the speed of life even after having crashed into one another the issue of prejudice will always haunt in the world todaybla bla bla.In the closing sequence of the plot the audience is again encouraged to relate the different characters, thus bring ing messages of the film to the fore; it shows that our actions although they may seem insignificant, actually relate to the wider context and serve to affect others in undesirable ways. This is also possible through the rhythmic relationship of the shots in the sequence; although this sequence employs numerous jump shots to signify a change in sub-plot, through continuity editing and continuation of the non-diegetic sound, the viewer is not left disorientated, but instead is able to follow the interweaving plot. Through continuity editing- particularly continuation of asynchronous music and rhythmic relations of shot length in this sequence- the individual stories of the various characters come together and form the wider narrative of the film. By doing this the audience is able to understand the plot in its successful attempt to relate each individual to its wider context, and show the often subconscious effects of racism on society as a whole.As the sequence comes to an end and a s the individual stories of the characters are given room for contemplation and reflection by the characters and the viewer, the mood of the scene becomes much more upbeat; with jerky guitar riffs contrasting with the previous sombre piano sound. By doing this the viewer can at this point look beyond the emotional stories of the individual characters and think more closely about the messages presented in the film. It allows a less serious light to be shone onto the subject, but at the same time leaves it in our minds for contemplation, as the scene closes with a car crash resulting in one of the drivers saying what the hell is wrong with you people?As the various drivers are left on the road fighting with each other, the camera slowly pans out of the action, leaving a birds- eye shot angle looking down on it. This remarkable angle combined with lively yet reflective music- as it reads these little black clouds keep walking round me- humorously presents the audience with a finality t o the story, yet keeps the actual issues unresolved. It realistically produces closure to the plot and story, as it has successfully addressed various issues so that they are understood by the audience; yet it is presented as an ongoing problem- as the narrative goes full-circle- thus leaving the audience with room for reflection themselves.By looking at the closing five minutes of Crash, through style and plot the story and essential issues of post 9/11 America are presented unflinchingly to the audience. To reveal the wider issues in the story, Crash has effectively depicted the every day life of a diverse group of characters, who as it turns out have more in common with each other than they initially thought. By the interaction of mainly sound and editing with the plot, Paul Haggis story is told with force, allowing the audience to contemplate and reflect on various issues- namely racial prejudice in the world today- along with the narrative characters.

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Riodan Manufacturing Virtual Organization Assignment

Riodan Manufacturing Virtual Organization - Assignment Example This may be attributed to some members playing multiple roles. To address this, I will ensure that only the most able and experienced members of the team play the central role in addition to giving much focus to the difference for a higher level of effectiveness. Another barrier might be breakdown in communication resulting from misunderstanding or proper communication channels. I will solve this through ensuring members of the particular team bond in a bid to developing associations. The measures that will be put in place in a bid to ensure there is evaluation of the team and determine if the team is operating successfully include setting of targets in alignment with the company objectives. Whenever there is any deviation then a proper audit of the team needs to be conducted to ascertain the cause of the deviation and the necessary corrective measures. 2. Which of the available conflict management strategies is most appropriate for the current situation with Clyde and Dan? Provide your rationale, including what factors you considered in making your selection. The conflict management strategy that is the most appropriate for the current situation with Clyde and Dan is the competitive strategy. This is because the competitive strategy will not only prove to be critical for the company while it aims at having a competitive edge over its competitors, but it will also help the company strategies both in the short term and in the long run. In the event that the competitive strategy is not successful, my alternative strategy would be the compromise strategy. This is because the compromise strategy will provide the company with an opportunity of giving consideration to other options. This is further coupled by the fact that the compromise strategy provides the last option for consideration. The potential roadblocks that might be encountered while resolving the