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Account for the decline in prestige and authority of the pap essays

Record for the decrease in renown and authority of the pap expositions Record for the decrease in renown and authority of the papacy during the During the fourteenth century, the papacy endured an immense decrease in distinction and authority because of numerous elements. These incorporate, the open clash between Pope Boniface VIII and King Phillip IV of France, the headway of some city-conditions of Italy with Rome being abandoned, the expulsion of the Apostolic See from Rome to Avignon, the Great Schism and the papacies center around managerial and juristic issues instead of otherworldly immaculateness. Since the induction challenge (1075-1122) there have been progressing battles between the common and otherworldly powers. Most remarkable is the open clash between King Phillip IV of France and Pope Boniface VIII over the capacity to burden the congregation and the capacity to bring the church under the equity of the ruler. Mainstream burdening of the congregation was not what the papacy needed as it gave them less cash to burden for themselves. The ecclesiastical bull Clericis Laicos restricted such assessments. Ruler Phillip resisted the bull and kept on burdening the pastorate. This is justifiable as though he were to comply with the bull; a tremendous measure of available land would be lost to him. The idea of Criminous ministry was likewise a major issue as the individuals saw preists gently censured for genuine wrongdoings. This prompted a general fealing that the congregation was indulging its own. Phillip asserted that any individual who oversteps mainstream law ought to be a ttempted in a common court. Pope Boniface differ fealing that the Church couldn't be independandt if its personel could be captured whenever. Unam Sanctum was isued to attest the predominance of the Church over mainstream poweres. ...Observe, here are two blades... both are in the intensity of the Church, the otherworldly blade and the material, yet the last is to be utilized for the congregation and the previous by her... This outlines the ecclesiastical perspective on the world and effectivaly evacuates the common capacity to charge individuals... <!

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Justifying the Ways of Miltons Ideal Description Essays - Literature

Legitimizing the Ways of Miltons Ideal Description Essays - Literature Legitimizing the Ways of Miltons Ideal Description Dr. Ahmad-zadeh Term Project on Milton 1.21.2015 Supporting the Ways of Miltons Ideal Description Milton in his Paradise Lost has taken the test to speak to both the prelapsarian and postlapsarian world. It is a genuinely requesting challenge since he needs to portray the prelapsarian condition as a so optimistic and immaculate spot that the fall gets miserable and dishonorable; and in the event that he comes up short, the peruser may not get a handle on the significance of the fall; the misfortune will be the loss of a perfect to make its impact. So the optimistic portrayal of Eden, keeps an eye on unspoiled spot prior to the fall, is the weight on Miltons shoulder. This paper shows how Milton draws on the old style writing and shows, as lucus amoenus and Tempe to depict his Eden and how and why he now and then rejects the materials he is utilizing simultaneously. Obviously whether Milton was fruitful or not in his depiction of the Garden of Eden has been exceptionally dubious. David Hopkinson in his Reading Paradise Lost gives us a few instances of Miltons various pundits remarking on his prosperity or disappointment; Jonathan Richardsons (father and child) profoundly respected the portrayal trusting Nature (is spoken to) as simply come out of the hand of God (qtd. In 43); Joseph Addison accepted the peruser during the entire game-plan, consistently ends up in the strolls of heaven. (qtd. In 44) While Colerdige and even Samuel Johnson are refered to as the individuals who have composed well about Miltons depiction, E.M.W. Tillyard and John Carey are referenced as frustrated pundits, Alidoust | 2 seeing Eden as a drag. (44-45) Carey trusts Milton has not had the option to make life in Heaven appear to be glad or wonderful (qtd. In 44). The contention on his prosperity goes on. With no case of objectivity, I express my own understanding that he picks the best style to speak to what is difficult to speak to, the unadulterated Edenic magnificence. First I talk about the topoi lucus amoenus, at that point the Tempe lastly I will come to his dismissal of the traditional materials during the conversation of his use of legendary scenes. Locus Amoenus Dazzling, perfect scenes have been depicted in artistic works since the old style creators. Their depictions later transformed into an expository style named locus amoenus. The original work talking about this topoi is E.R. Curtiuss European Literature and The Latin Middle ages; Knowing Homers scenes the amateur of this convention, he draws on a section by Virgil to show locus amoenus. On his excursion through the other world, Aeneas comes to Elysium (Aen., VI, 638 ff.): Devenere locos laetos et amoena virecta Fortunatorum nemorum sedesque beatas. Largior his campos aether et lumine vestit Purpureo, solemque suum, sua sidera norunt. (To euphoric locales they came and flawless gardens, Fortunate seats, in woods which no setback sears; Alidoust | 3 Fields dressed in ampler air, washed in new light, Purpletheir own sun sheds it, their own stars.) (190) Curtius then explains on the derivation of locus amoenus: In the primary line the word amoenus (charming, flawless) is utilized. It is Virgils steady appellation for lovely nature (e.g., Aeneid, V, 734 and VII, 30). The pundit Servius associated the word with love (a similar relationship, that is, as between love and flawless). Exquisite spots are, for example, just give joy, that is, are definitely not developed for valuable purposes (loca solius voluptatis plena unde nullus fructus exsolvitur.) (190-191). The fundamental highlights of lucus amoenus are as per Curtuius: an excellent, concealed characteristic site; Its base fixings include a tree (or a few trees), a glade, and a spring or on the other hand stream. Birdsong and blossoms might be included. The most intricate models likewise include a breeze. (195) These highlights are accessible all through Miltons depiction of Eden in his Paradise Lost. The accompanying section from book IV can be accounted, in Curtiuss words, an expand case of lucus amoenus, since it exploits Zephyr, a delicate breeze which as indicated by its derivation originates from Zephuros, divine force of the west wind (OED): . . Under a tuft of shade that on a green Stood murmuring delicate, by a new Fountain side They sat them down, and after no more work Of thir sweet Gardning work then sufficd To suggest coole Zephyr, and made straightforwardness More easie (IV 325-330) Alidoust | 4 Thusly we perceive how Milton summons the convention of depicting perfect scenes to depict the most importantly the universes scenes (Hinds 124). The following old style component broadly utilized in Heaven Lost is Tempe. Tempe: Wild Forrest Curtius specifies a subsequent component with respect to the elaborate legacy of the works of art: Tempe

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Hsm Law Profile Paper Free Essays

It is significant though wellbeing couldn't care less beneficiaries and medicinal services suppliers to peruse data with respect to HIPAA that way everybody will be educated regarding what rights are protection they are qualified for and the laborers know about what data needs to stay secret. Individuals can get presents with respect to data about HIPAA, just as the Internet. There are several online sites that individuals can go to so as to get more data on how HIPAA functions and what is required to guarantee everybody adheres to the laws that accompany HIPAA. We will compose a custom article test on Hsm Law Profile Paper or on the other hand any comparable theme just for you Request Now Overstepping the law can have some significant results so it is essential to comprehend HIPAA and what security laws are implemented to ensure a patient’s data. The data that is given advises social insurance laborers and associations what rights a patient has and the outcomes of disrupting the guidelines, regardless of whether purposeful or incidental. HIPAA influences the everyday tasks inside human help associations. The explanation it influences the human assistance associations is on the grounds that HIPAA must be followed on an everyday basis.Every day a representative goes into work, they are to respect HIPAA and their customers by not delighting any close to home patient data and to keep all data classified. When getting utilized, an individual is educated regarding HIPAA and what the principles and guidelines are as indicated by HIPAA gauges. HIPAA guidelines express that they are to secure protection so every laborer knows not to uncover anything individual, even to family or companions. At the point when a customer comes to them out of luck, they should be there for the customer and they customer has to realize that they can confide in the workers.If an individual goes to an emotional wellness center, they will need to realize their own issues will be kept in that room and it will go no further. A worker needs to go into work with an uplifting mentality of how they should helps those needing their administrations, rather than attacking their protection and classification; regardless of whether they purposefully do it for explicit reasons or in the event that they are simply approaching a kindred representative for help where others can hear the data also. While numerous individuals upheld HIPAA, there were a few people and associations that didn't bolster HIPAA.In the start, the social insurance industry was against HIP AA and didn't support of the guidelines set by HIPAA. â€Å"Health care suppliers, medicinal services associations, and, somewhat, wellbeing plans thought of the proposed HIPAA runs as simply one more government command that would cost the business billions of dollars to execute and monitor† (Bowers, n. d. ). The medicinal services industry is as yet having issues with HIPAA rules and guidelines however more associations are grappling with HIPAA and concentrating on the positive viewpoints that HIPAA gives as opposed to concentrating on negative issues.Even however it very well may be difficult for certain associations to comprehend HIPAA, they are inquiring about it and settling on the most proficient method to deal with HIPAA so as to more readily serve their patients. There will be consequences to customers and the association if the law isn't followed. On the off chance that a worker permitted individual and private data to be discharged to others in regards to a customer, at that point the customer could feel sold out and hurt. The customer could, thusly, sue the organization where the worker worked for individual harms with respect to their security being attacked. Both the customer and representative would experience the ill effects of the law being broken.It is critical to consistently observe the principles on the grounds that the outcomes could be serious. The customer could be embarrassed if the laborer disrupts the norms and discharges private data and not trust the association any longer. The association could start to get a terrible notoriety and there could be less individuals that go to the association for help. The association could endure and be made bankrupt, all in view of a worker who overstepped the law. The legitimate intention for the worker would be for the representative to get a solid admonition or, contingent upon how serious the law was broken, a time away or end from the job.I believe that HIPAA has magnificent security laws that should be utilized in human help associations. In the innovative world, it very well may be hard for individual data to stay private, so it is extraordinary that HIPAA was set up. HIPAA fills an extraordinary need, being that it ensures a patient’s security. There are extraordinary assets that everybody could use to discover more data about HIPAA and what laws it gives, including the Internet. It is significant that medicinal services beneficiaries and social insurance laborers gain proficiency with the standards and guidelines of HIPAA in light of the fact that the laws will be implemented on an everyday premise and should be followed at all times.Even however a few associations were against HIPAA, it is essential to authorize the principles of HIPAA for the wellbeing of the patient and their security rights. It is imperative to implement exacting discipline for the individuals who defy the guidelines of HIPAA in light of the fact that it could cause embarrassment if the patient’s private data was discharged to oth ers who didn't have to think about it. I think it is extraordinary that HIPAA was set up on the grounds that there should be severe security rules for patients in light of the fact that over and over again, there is private data discharged to individuals who don't have to know the data. Reference Page Bowers, D, (N. D. ). The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act: is it actually such terrible? Recovered from http://www. baylorhealth. edu/procedures/14_4/14_4_bowers. pdf Highmark, Inc. , (2010). What is HIPPA? Recovered from https://www. highmark. com/hmk2/about/hipaa/hipaaMain. shtml#whatishipaa Highmark, Inc. , (2010). Whom does HIIPPA influence? Recovered from https://www. highmark. com/hmk2/about/hipaa/hipaaMain. shtml#whatishipaa Step by step instructions to refer to Hsm Law Profile Paper, Essays

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Essay on The Trials of Othello - 934 Words

The Trials of Othello nbsp; nbsp; In Shakespeares Othello there are three main trials that build the plot of the play. In each of these trials, Iago though not always the judge tries to be the puppet master. He does this by focusing on each characters fatal flaw. nbsp; nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; In the play the three main trails go as follows. First there is Othellos trial were he is being judged by the Duke and Brabantio regarding what happened with himself and Desdemona. The second and main trial is that of Othello judging Cassio, though it is not much of a trial per say because Othello is merely listening to what Iago has to say and does not even confront Cassio. The third and most dramatic trial is when at the†¦show more content†¦It is thing like this that throughout the play make Iago more and more believable to the characters around him. nbsp; nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; The next trial gets a little bit more complicated. It starts off with a long dialogue between Iago and Othello, which begins after they see Casio briskly leaving Desdemonas side as they enter into view.nbsp; At first Othello thinks nothing of this, but this is when Iagos master plan begins. First Iago realizes that Othello will always act on impulse with whatever information he has.nbsp; This is one reason why Iago stretches out his opinion of whats going on over an entire conversation. Had he just come out and say it Othello probably would not have believed him. Even if he did this would most likely end up in Othello rushing to confront either Desdemona or Casio thus killing Iagos opportunity to elaborate on the subject in a way that Othello would have to believe him. In this scene Iago repeats a lot of words that Othello says in regard to Casio that alone would be meaning less but he says them in a very suggestive tone implying that there was something m ore to everything he said about Casio. At the time this is very effective and Iago does make Othello a little more than just suspicious. Though as time passes Iago can find no evidence to back up his case and Othello begins to stop believingShow MoreRelatedDifferences Between Film And Othello1503 Words   |  7 PagesThroughout the years the play Othello by William Shakespeare has been adapted both on the screen and on stage many times. The questions or race and racism that have quite often been a point of discussion with William Shakespeare’s play Othello can be seen through the bard, however some may argue that Othello’s skin colour was purely a plot device. This paper will look at two film that have been re-made since the 1960’s, which provides an analysis of the concept of race and how political ideas andRead MoreThemes of Blame and Justice in Othello Essay979 Words   |  4 PagesThe Play Othello first performed in 1604 written by Shakespeare was a pla y that portrayed the problems faced in society regarding blame and justice. He showed this by using the setting of Venice where almost everyone was rich, living in houses based in the most powerful part of Italy. Shakespeare used race which tied into the setting as the main character, a black man living in a white society. He used gender to portray labels and to show how different sexes were treated. Shakespeare is showing usRead MoreThe Mystical Weapon Of A Hero1102 Words   |  5 Pagesserves to continue the plot of the story by jumpstarting many parts along the hero’s journey, many times it is the cause of the hero’s unusual birth. The mystical weapon is what enables a hero to overcome the insurmountable odds and accomplish their trials. A mystical weapon, is not just a tool that the hero harnesses, but their very identity. The mystical weapon is the very thing that makes the hero a hero. The mystical weapon is an extension of the Hero’s self. It is their d efining characteristicRead MoreBradley vs Leavis, Notes on Othello766 Words   |  4 PagesOthello The Bradley view ( Coleridge) †¢ Othello’s description of himself as, â€Å"one not easily jealous, but, being wrought, / Perplexed in extreme,† is perfectly just. His tragedy lies in this – that his whole nature was indisposed to jealousy, and yet was such that he was unusually open to deception, and, if once wrought to passion, likely to act with little reflection, with no delay, and in the most decisive manner conceivable. †¢ But up to this point, where Iago is dismissed (III,iii,238)Read MoreEssay on Characters in Othello: Colors and Shapes687 Words   |  3 PagesThe color and shape I chose for Othello are silver and the indifferent shape. I thought about it for a while and this indifferent shape fits othello perfectly for many reasons. Like Othello this is the outsider of the group since it has no real shape. The shape’s physical appearance is different from the rest, just like Othello is since he’s a moor and has a different skin tone. Towards the end of the third act Othello starts to lose his stern confidence front and his real insecurities come out.Read More Othello, The Moor of Venice Essay examples1319 Words   |  6 PagesOthello, the Moor of Venice is one of the major tragedies written by William Shakespeare that follows the main character, Othello through his trials and tribulations. Othello, the Moor of Venice is similar to William Shakespeare’s other tragedies and follows a set of specific rules of drama. The requirements include, following the definition of a tragedy, definition of tragic hero, containing a reversal of fortune, and a descent from happiness. William Shakespeare fulfills Aristotle’s requirementsRead MoreThe North By Tayeb Salih1477 Words   |  6 Pageshimself to Othello a few times in the novel. While he was on trial for murder Mustafa said â€Å"I am Othello† (Salih, 33)because he felt that they had some shared characteristic, for instance they were both Arabian African men who were living as outsiders in a white world, and like Othello Mustafa also killed his lover, Jean Morris. However the biggest commonality he shared with the character of Othello was that their insecurity of living in a white world led to tragedy. Later during the trial Mustafa changesRead MoreOthello : An Aristotelian Tragedy And Tragic Hero1604 Words   |  7 PagesOthello, an Aristotelian Tragedy and Tragic Hero When reading a story, specifically a tragedy, what stands out? Tragedy often enables its audience to reflect on personal values that might be in conflict with civil ideas, on the claims of minorities that it neglected or excluded from public life, on its on irrational prejudices toward the foreign of the unknown (Kennedy Gioia, 2103, p. 857). Readers feel sympathy for the characters, especially the tragic hero. Othello, the Moor of Venice isRead MoreThe Character Desdemona and the Role of Women Depicted in Shakespeares Othello822 Words   |  4 PagesThe society in which Othello takes place is a patriarchal one, where men had complete control over women. They were seen as possessions rather than being just as equally human and capable of duties performed by men. All women of the Elizabethan were to obey all men, fathers, brothers, husbands, etc. Which leads me to the most reliable and trustworthy character of Desdemona, whom goes through many trials just to satisfy her love. S hakespeare brings the thought of Desdemona into the play by BarbantioRead MoreAnalyzing Humanity in Othello: The Reason Why it is Still Worth Studying1675 Words   |  7 PagesHumanity in Othello: The Reason It is Still Worth Studying Dr. David Allen White of the US Naval Academy asserts that we are all Iago now (White 2000). The claim may seem outlandish at first. Modern man representative of Shakespeares greatest arch-villain? How could one even suggest such a thing? Whites argument is followed by a series of points, each of which is aimed to help his audience realize that the character they most readily identify with is not Othello (the tragic hero of the drama)

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Transcendentalism The Antidote to Brainwashed Youth Essay

When I was first exposed to the concept of Transcendentalism in my English class, the idea seemed farfetched and rather abstract. Upon further readings and research, I discovered that the concepts, although they originally seemed esoteric, where works of true brilliance. Society has made it hard for individuals to exist when things like popular culture seemingly brainwash youth into doing whatever is considered â€Å"cool†. Transcendentalism is a powerful concept which should be acknowledged by my generation, for the points encompassed in Transcendentalism are more vital today than ever. Transcendentalism is the philosophy of striving to live a life of independence, simplicity, and oneness with nature. Ralph Waldo Emerson was the†¦show more content†¦Truth, if it agreed with an individuals instinct of truth, must be indeed truth. Another leading Transcendentalist, Henry David Thoreau, takes this idea of doing what is right to one’s conscience to a new level in his essay â€Å"Civil Disobedience†. In the piece, Thoreau asserts that the â€Å"true place for a just man [in an unjust society] is in jail†. He also puts into writing what would be practiced over 200 years later by exposing the public to the suggestion of civil disobedience through nonviolent protests. In the past 50 years, examples of this have appeared on several occasions: civil right’s movement, women’s rights movement, Vietnam protests, and even usage by the great Mohandas Gandhi in the Indian independence movement. All of these movements met success. Thoreau also wrote â€Å"Walden†, a collection of entries from a span of two years in which he lived in a cabin next to Walden Pond in Massachusetts. In this masterfully collaborated piece, Thoreau seeks to explain two, among many other, particularly core Transcendentalist values: nature and simplicity. Although Genesis 1:26 tells us that man was to â€Å"rule over† the animals that we live among, Transcendentalism seeks to live alongside what were given to us to be our â€Å"subjects†. There is also the alternate definition of nature, which relates to an inherent sense of righteousness or wrongness. This relates back to one’s conscience being of more

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Value Chain Analysis And Analysis - 1589 Words

Introduction This report aims to discuss and explore the value chain analysis and the internal analysis in the strategic management. The focus of this report is to study the value chain analysis in detail along with the advantages and disadvantage of the value chain analysis. Also, the internal analysis is also discussed along with its pros and cons and the SWOT analysis of Next Plc. This report also discusses the way in which organizational resources are mixed to develop company’s abilities, Value Chain Analysis Keane (2008) stated to design, manufacture, promote, offer and facilitate its product or services, all organization engages in some activities. All of these activities of an organization are shown through the use of value chain process. The manner in which organization performs its varying activities along with the firm’s value chain mirrors the organization’s background, strategy along with the way in which the organization executes its strategy. Ponte (2008) stated that the analysis of value chain of an organization is used to develop the organization’s competitive strategies along with formulation the connected and interconnectedness between all the organizational activities that formulate value. Francis, Simons, and Bourlakis (2008) stated that value chain analysis is a helpful tool as an organization looks to attain competitive advantage. Furthermore, Rieple and Singh (2010) stated that a value chain is a useful tool in conceptualizing the varying activities Show MoreRelatedValue Chain Analysis And Analysis Essay1711 Words   |  7 PagesValue Chain Analysis Another point of view is to take a look at the value chain analysis which helps to identify the most valuable activities of a firm. Wheelen, Hunger, Hoffman, Bamford (2014). In the case of Electrolux, it would appear that they provide considerable value to the appliance market however; the struggle (as previously mentioned) has been breaking into emerging markets in this case, China. With considerable middle class growth in China, the standard of living is rising exponentially;Read MoreValue Chain Analysis1651 Words   |  7 Pagesorganization should adopt the various application of information technology. This will put the organization at the forefront in terms of innovation as well as give the organization a competitive advantage (Hitt amp; Robert, 2011, p.10). Value chain analysis is a model that was developed by Michael Porter to help an organization develop a strategy for its organization. Michael porter suggested that organization activities can be grouped into two major categories which include the following; primaryRead MoreImportance of Value Chains and Value Chain Analysis602 Words   |  2 Pagesrelationship between processes and value chains. The value chain, as Porter identified, incorporates the following drivers of revenue and profit in an organization: inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, and service. Processes which are how you do things are used through the value chain. By definition, processes are used every time you do something, so this is all quite self-evident. In order to extract value from the value chain, a company should outperform its competitorsRead MoreCompany Analysis : Value Chain Analysis Essay1291 Words   |  6 PagesValue chain represents the internal activities a firm engages in when transforming inputs into outputs. Value chain analysis is a process where a firm identifies its primary and support activities that add value to its final product and then analyze these activities to reduce costs or increase differentiation. Value chain analysis is also a strategy tool used to analyze internal firm activities. Its goal is to recognize, which activities are the most valuable (i.e. are the source of cost or differentiationRead MoreValue Chain Analysis763 Words   |  4 Pagesadvantage by establishing an efficient value chain. The ultimate goal of a value chain is to sustain competitive advantage by optimizing customer value, achieving performance objectives, and delighting customers. (Presutti Mawhinney, 2013) The value chain outlines the activities and processes work together to create products and services. The Enterprise application software (ERP) automates these activities and processes to improve the efficiency of the value chain. At some point it may become necessaryRead MoreAnalysis Of Outsourcing Value Chain1514 Words   |  7 PagesWhen it comes to the value chain at my internship, like many other aspects of the company, they are horribly behind. Strategically, for the venture capitalist c ompany themselves, there is no defined value chain to speak of and for their ventures, it is segmented, outsourced and generally inadequate. When it comes to the primary processes, my company and their ventures do very little Research, and Development. For their drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, the extent of their research is outsourcingRead MoreAn analysis of porters value chain1188 Words   |  5 Pagesfirms can gain a competitive advantage, it is useful to model the firm as a chain of value creating activities. For this purpose, Porter identified a range of interrelated generic activities common to a wide range of firms. The resulting model is known as the value chain. According to Porter (1985), Competitive Advantage arises out of the way firms organise and arrange discrete activities. Through using the Value Chain, the activities performed by a firm competing in a particular industry canRead MoreAmazons Value Chain Analysis1620 Words   |  7 PagesValue Chain Analysis In the 1990s, Amazon ( introduced a new business model for entrepreneurs choosing to use the Web as its place of business rather than the traditional brick and mortar companies. Amazon’s e-business and e-commerce business models generated significant revenue for the company and resulted in creating an effective and sustainable competitive advantage for the online retailer. â€Å"Amazon was one of the early movers to recognize the opportunity in both e-commerce and cloudRead MoreValue Chain And Swot Analysis1088 Words   |  5 PagesVALUE CHAIN AND VRIO ANALYSIS Value chain analysis The value chain analysis determines all the elements of value chain significantly add or subtract value for Brinker International, Inc. (EAT). The competitor is Darden Restaurant, Inc. (DRI) in this value chain analysis. The time frame is March, 2016 and the preceding three to five year strategic horizon. The data resources used from 10-K 2015 of EAT and DRI. The two elements of the value chain most significantly add or subtract value for EAT areRead MoreSwot Analysis : Value Chain1514 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Value chain analysis has proven to be a useful tool for knowing how an organization can create the greatest value for its customers. Michael Porter (1985) in his book competitive advantage states that â€Å"understanding how a business creates value are essential elements for developing a competitive advantage.† [1]. According to porter (1985) value chain is â€Å"the process view of an organization, the idea of seeing an organization as a system, made up of subsystems each with inputs, transformation

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The Nazi Party Essay Example For Students

The Nazi Party Essay HistoryHow, by 1932, had the Nazi Party become the largest Party in the Reichstag?Hitlers Nazi party came to power almost entirely because of accidents. In1929 the American Stock Market crashed, a powerful symbol of the growingdepression. Germany was particularly badly affected, since Germanyseconomy was partly dependent on Americas prosperity and a large number ofloans made by America to Germany were called back and the German economycrashed.Since the German government suffered badly in the depression theexisting Weimar government, put in place by the victorious allies, wasblamed. Without the depression the government was not particularly likedsince it was indecisive and it had not central power. Hitler used histwenty-five points from the beginning of the Nazi party. These were a setof promises appealing to everybody, they included elements of socialism andtold people what they wanted to hear. They promised to stop reparations tothe victors of the First World War, end unemployment, give a strongleadership and they attacked immigrants and particularly Jews. Thetwenty-five points were attractive to those most vulnerable to thedepression, especially ex-soldiers, the unemployed and the middle classes. In the time of crisis the German people had swung to an extreme group,and the Nazis were an easy way out, more appealing than the Communists tothe industrialists, and they were also attractive since they apparentlypromoted the old and respected German militaristic values. In the hardtimes they were effective since the democratic parties could not solve anyof the problems facing Germany. In the 1930 elections the Nazis greatlyincreased the number of seats that they held in parliament, by 1932 theyhad nearly 200 seats, although they did not have a majority they were thelargest single party.